The StageBound Series

“a great read and right up my street,” eBookAddicts

Down a dingy alley behind a grey door with no name there is a most unusual theatre. The patrons know the rule: leave their name at the door and never mention what goes on within, but they keep coming back for it has a simple promise, always kept: no one leaves unsatisfied.

They all come here, a college girl needing money, a sub on the hard end of masochist, a lifestyle dom, the leading man and many more. These are their stories.

Individual stories are available on Smashwords, Kobo and many more. The collected edition is available through all of those, and also Amazon.

Collected Edition Now Available: StageBound Collection 1-10

“Man alive, the ending to this was fun to read!” 5 starsDana Busenbark,

StageBound Collected Stories 1-10
StageBound Collected Stories 1-10

1. Opening Night – how far can he take a girl too new to know her limits?
2. Bound – A backstage problem leaves a tied-up actress needing a helping hand, or finger.
3. Taking the Lead – A cape and three girls. What could go wrong?
4. Dry Chat – An article about a science study leads to a steamy discussion backstage.
5. Written Lesson – Breaking in a new sub on stage means teaching her lessons in a way she won’t forget
6. Red Light – When a scene goes badly wrong, the lead is left to improvise, and to wonder how far is too far
7. Staying On Top – A backstage encounter leaves the lead with a few awkward questions and a dominatrix who’d like his spot.
8. Hardcore – Springing a surprise on a dom running a scene can be a bad idea, unless he can run with it.
9. Statuesque – Introducing his new girlfriend to the kinkier side of the club leaves her discovering a new fetish. He’ll need to rise to the challenge.
10. Taken Backstage – The backstage bar has a few extra features, and if he wants to get a date, he’s going to take advantage of them.

Mature Content Warning: Kink, BDSM, exhibitionism, Alpha male.

“kinky, and dark and lurks in the taboo.” Melissa, Goodreads


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