Royal Sins Eleven: The Courtesan now available.

Royal Sins: With the one surviving heir a man-child married to a foreign princess, the royal line is in jeopardy. For the seventeen years it will take for a new heir to be born and take the throne, the old king and the princess regent walk a tightrope. One slip will bring war. In public, they must be above reproach. In private, duty will require sacrifices of honour, and of body.
Individual stories are released weekly. A collection is commercially available.

The last installment, The Bride, is due out next week. Check in then for the final fate of the princess, now queen, the captain, the young king, and the end of the stories.

royal-sins-eleven-thumbRoyal Sins Eleven: The Courtesan

A man now, the young king must be ready to take the throne tomorrow. Tonight, he must prepare for the bride he weds tomorrow, ready himself for the end of the regency, and seduce a vital ally to his side. But one night between a virgin prince and the court’s most infamous courtesan raises the question of who seduces who. Will what he offers be enough?

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