Cover of Royal Sins Two: The Killera

“Royal Sins Two: The Killer” Now available

The next story in the Royal Sins series is now available free on Smashwords, and coming soon to iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

Royal Sins: With the one surviving heir a man-child married to a foreign princess, the royal line is in jeopardy. For the seventeen years it will take for a new heir to be born and take the throne, the old king and the princess regent walk a tightrope. One slip will bring war. In public, their honour must be above reproach. In private, duty will require sacrifices of honour, and of body.

The individual stories are released weekly on Mondays free through Smashwords. A collection is commercially available if you would like to support the author.

Cover of Royal Sins Two: The Killera
Cover of Royal Sins 2: The Killer

Royal Sins Two: The Killer

With a blade at her throat how loyal would any wife remain, far less a princess bound by law to her man-child husband?
Content Warning: Dub-con, coercion


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