Royal Sins Series

With the one surviving heir a man-child married to a foreign princess, the royal line is in jeopardy. For the seventeen years it will take for a new heir to be born and take the throne, the old king and the princess regent walk a tightrope. One slip will bring war. In public, their honour must be above reproach. In private, duty will require sacrifices of honour, and of body.

A series of erotic short stories set in a low-fantasy kingdom in its medieval period.

Individual stories are released weekly free through Smashwords. A collection is commercially available if you would like to read ahead, or support the author.

View the series here
royal-one-thumbRoyal Sins One: The Father

An heir to the throne is still needed, even if the current heir is incapable of siring one. A solution must be found.
Content Warning: Adultery, Impregnation

Coming Soon:

The Killer
The Lover
The Watcher


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