New Release: Backstage Show

Backstage politics and jealousy spell trouble for a budding relationship. When she’s seeing the lead performer there are a lot of girls who want her man. Between them, can she and the lead make them understand they have no chance? It’ll take one long, hard, demonstration and submission in a way she has never done before…

StageBound: Down a dingy alley behind a grey door with no name there is a most unusual theatre. The patrons know the rule: leave their name at the door and never mention what goes on within, but they keep coming back for it has a simple promise, always kept: no one leaves unsatisfied.

Backstage Show is the 14th title in the StageBound series. Now on Smashwords, coming soon to iTunes, Kobo, Nook and more.

Read a preview on Smashwords: Backstage Show Sample